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Fire and fire, emergency and safety, celebration and ball are some of the starting points of the exhibition: “blowing the fire department.” Photo exhibit spotlights a local fire station, located near the art workshops and is a landmark in Ramat Eliyahu neighborhood of Rishon Lezion. The exhibition title is borrowed from his film of Czech director Milos Forman: “Ball Fireman” from 1967.

The exhibition invites thinking about similarities and differences between the representations of ceremonial institutions and the placement of art in the gallery when it refers to the mores of authority and violation Slhm.htaroch offers a view smiling about the potential aesthetic-visual that emergencies and fire and thought about the ability of cultural and art function Ball “- spectacle that it and where, as a fire, exceeded every day.

Belzer’s work enough, “the spokesman position,” she Lectern made entirely of glass that reveals a whole array of geometric lines and shapes revealed to the viewer in a kind of “X-ray” underground, untapped potential evidence of his speech without speaker.

Erez Israeli presents a series of drawings “Esther, I shtetl burning” made during his stay in Berlin with a recurring character with big nose and above it a Jewish town on fire, and the images from the video for Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” (( “Like a Prayer.” More a collection miniatures the total artist dolls of soldiers, drummers and fairy-tale characters and “drummer”, a small statue dimensions.

UTSURY GUTSURY “” Ronen Levin is an armchair that tries to maintain the trappings of glamor and respect for the past. Armchair artist’s own words, “is the king, the honor guard at all costs, and the tragic court jester”.

Installation work of Marcus and lightning, “Barcelona Barcelona”, will be the opening night and its documentation will be presented throughout the exhibition. Exhibit a pair of dancers covered with dough suit creates an inseparable unit of body burning it as “fuses” and Baking “the couple Ihd.cotrt work taken from the song” Barcelona, ​​Barcelona “Zohar Argov singer who grew up in the eastern Rishon Lezion.

Alma Schneier exhibition presents two works. “Helena from the outside and the inside,” created especially for the gallery windows born scene in “blowing the fire department” beauty contest with the town girls who walked to the team of firefighters. Attitude medium

Cinematic work manifested also in the context of the film material (the film) before the digital era and it might attempt to translate the physical image of another cinematic film material. In “Kati arises” Schneier light scans and creates a blindness burned, that when printed on a brass plate, it allows the bright material hatch from the photographed image.

Opening reception Mon, 2.2.15

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Curator Orit Hason